Snow Fleas


Snow Fleas or¬†Hypogastrura nivicola¬†isn’t actually a flea at all but a small insect called a Springtail that ranges in size between 0.25 and 6mm. Sringtails are actually considered hexapods not fleas. They get their name because they have two small hooks under their abdomen that keep their tails latched under their bodies. When they want […]

Flea bites VS Bed Bug bites


Fleas are the most common parasites in pets. The first symptom is the intense scratching. Fleas aren’t the only parasites that cause itching; bed bugs also cause intense itching. As a pet owner you need to be able to distinguish which of these parasites your pet has been infested with. Itching is the first symptom […]

Where do fleas hide?


Fleas are very good at hiding and making it to where we cant get rid of them. We work so hard to get rid of a flea infestation and as soon as we think its gone, it comes right back. This article is designed to help you find and eliminate these fleas. Let the hunt […]

Flea eggs-Taking fleas out from the root


Getting rid of fleas can be incredibly difficult. No matter how many times you think you get rid of a flea infestation it just keeps coming back. This is because of flea eggs. These eggs are immune to most pesticides and chemicals used to kill adult fleas. Flea eggs are a factor that most people […]