Removing fleas from your car


If you’re someone who loves to take your pet for a ride in the car then you’re probably here because doing that led to fleas in your car. A flea infestation in your car is just as irritating as a flea infestation in your home. In this article I’m going to teach you how to […]

Killing fleas with steam


Steam cleaning is a natural way to kill fleas that doesn’t use any toxic chemicals. Professional cleaners and exterminators use steamers as a way to clean houses of flea infestations. They do this because fleas can only withstand certain temperatures and can easily drown. Flea steamers are one of my preferred methods of getting rid […]

Homemade Flea Killer

How to Make Homemade Flea Shampoo for Your Dog.

Some flea sprays can be dangerous to use or just too expensive to have to continuously buy. In this article I’m going to be sharing with you how to make your own flea killers using items that can be found around the house. These homemade flea killers will be easy to make, cheap, and effective. […]

What are the best Flea Foggers?

raid flea killer plus fogger

Most of the time I wouldn’t recommend using a flea fogger or flea bomb in your home. This is because with a flea fogger you’re releasing hazardous chemicals into the air that could linger in your home after use. Sometimes you may need a fogger though. Flea Infestations can grow so large that you need […]