The best flea treatment for dogs

Dogs are mans best friend and a part of our families. It’s terrible to see our dogs itching from flea bites. There are various different ways to treat fleas on cats and dogs. This article will cover some of the basic ways to go about treating the fleas causing your dog so much pain.

Flea Drops or Topicals

This is my preferred method of flea treatment. Flea drops not only treat fleas but can prevent them for long periods of time. Flea drops work by taking a flea drop applicator breaking the tip off an putting the application on the back of your dogs fur typically the upper back area where your dog can’t reach around to lick it off. 

What Should You Buy?

 K9 Advantix II – k9 Advantix offers protection against fleas, ticks, mosquitos and various other insects that enjoy feasting on your pets. K9 Advantix kills 98% – 100% of fleas withing the first 12 hours and continues to work for up to one month! K9 Advantix prevents fleas before they bite your pet not after.

  • Kills 98-100% of fleas in the first 12 hours.
  • Kills fleas in all stages of life.
  • One applicator prevents fleas for a month.

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Frontline Plus – This is a monthly topical flea and tick preventative for dogs and cats. Frontline plus kills 100% of all fleas within the first 18 hours and 100% of all ticks within 48 hours. Frontline plus uses insect growth regulators to kill all stages of the flea cycle.

  • Kills fleas in all stages of life.
  • Water proof.
  • Continious Protection for 30 days.
  • Kills all 4 major stages of the tick life cycle.

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Advantage IIAdvantage II kills 99% flea eggs and larva within the first 20 minutes. Just like K9 Advantix it kills 98-100% of fleas within the first 24 hours. Advantage II contains insect growth regulators that kill fleas in all parts of the flea life cycle. Advantage II kills lice but does not kill ticks.

  • Waterproof 1 hour after application.
  • Last for up to 30 days.
  • Contains insect growth regulators
  • Can kill lice and fleas alike

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Flea Pills are very effective but have various cons you should be aware of. Flea pills have some side effects depending on the type of flea pills. Flea pills are great at treating a flea infestation but they don’t usually prevent fleas for long periods of time.

Capstar Flea Tablets – In my opinion Capstar Flea Tablets are the best flea pills on the market right now. They don’t last for a long period of time but they will quickly take out any fleas living on your dog. 

  • Work on both Cats and Dogs.
  • Fleas die within 4 hours for dogs and 6 hours on cats.
  • Kills adult fleas.
  • Single Dose.
  • Items comes with 6 tablets.

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 Shampoo is not only great for cleaning your dog but its also used to help remove fleas. It can also be healthy for your pet if you use an all natural flea shampoo.

This natural flea shampoo repels fleas for up to 1 week. It will also leave your pets coat clean and refreshed without using any of the harsh chemicals in regular flea shampoos.

Best All Natural Flea Shampoo: Wahl 100% Natural Flea Shampoo

This flea shampoo isn’t just all natural but it smells great, cleans your dog, and kills all fleas and ticks. If you’re looking for a great all natural flea and tick shampoo Wahl 100% Natural Flea Shampoo is the way to go. This is a consumers favorite on amazon and a favorite of mine as well.

  • All natural.
  • Prevents fleas for up to 1 week.
  • Cleans your pet.
  • Leaves your pet smelling fresh.
  • Kills all fleas and ticks.

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Best Overall Flea Shampoo: Adams Flea and Tick Shampoo

This is a strong and very efficient flea and tick shampoo. It contains an IGR or Insect Growth Regulator that kills fleas in all parts of the flea life cycle.

This is the only part of the flea shampoo that isn’t natural. Besides the insect growth regulator Adams Flea and Tick Shampoo is all natural!

This is why I decided to make it the best overall flea shampoo. It is great at killing fleas and doesn’t harm your pet. I always use Adams Flea and tick Shampoo on my dogs and cats when needed and it works like magic.

  • Kills Fleas, Ticks Larva, Lice, and Eggs.
  • Contains soothing aloe, coconut extract, and oatmeal.
  • Provides 28 days of flea control for non-adult fleas.
  • For cats, kittens, dogs,and puppies.

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Killing Fleas With Vinegar

Flea killers often contain toxic chemicals that can harm you, your family, and your pets. This tends to deter people from using commercial flea killers. Flea killers can cost a large some of money as well and many people (myself included) don’t want to spend that kind of money. This leads to the question are there any other ways I can kill fleas without the expensive toxic chemicals.

As a matter of fact there is another way! The flea killer is probably sitting in your kitchen right now waiting to be used. Vinegar is a great way to kill fleas in your home. Though it isn’t the best smelling flea killer its cheap, non-toxic, and works like magic.

Whats the best kind of vinegar to use?

There are so many different kinds of vinegars that can be found in stores. That makes us wonder which on should we use to kill fleas. All kinds of vinegars have been proven to kill fleas so which ever kind of vinegar you have laying around will work. Personally I prefer Apple cider vinegar when using vinegar around the house.

How to use vinegar to kill and prevent fleas

There are plenty of different ways to kill fleas with vinegar. Below I’m going to list some of the various different ways to help you find the method you’ll enjoy the most.

Vinegar Spray

14820394192_4313017e66_zThis is the most basic way to use vinegar to kill fleas. All you need is a empty spray bottle, water, and apple cider vinegar. If you have all three just take the spray bottle and fill it halfway up with the vinegar. Once its filled halfway, fill it the rest of the way with the water.

You can spray the vinegar spray on counters, carpets, bed sheets, and your pets fur. If you spray it on your pet it will kill the fleas hiding in their fur and prevent more fleas from wanting to infest your pets fur. Your pet may have fun licking the vinegar out of their fur though so make sure to apply the vinegar spray often!

Mix vinegar with your pets water

 I’ve talked with many pet owners that have had success mixing vinegar with their pets drinking water. The vinegar is theorized to make your pets blood too acidic for fleas to enjoy. This results in fleas no longer wanting to feast on your pet. It doesn’t require a lot of vinegar, just enough to keep your pet from noticing yet still make the fleas not want to feed.

Vinegar Soaking 

The final vinegar method I’m going to cover is vinegar soaking. You can use this method to kill fleas in clothes, pet bedding, and bed sheets. All you need to do is mix water and vinegar, then drop the clothing or bedding in the mixture and let it sit for a few hour to make sure all fleas have died.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this article to be informative and helpful. Vinegar is a great way to kill fleas but can really make your home smell foul. There are other completely natural was to kill fleas such as diatomaceous earth or salt. If you have any comments or concerns please feel free to contact us using our contact page!

Removing fleas from your car

If you’re someone who loves to take your pet for a ride in the car then you’re probably here because doing that led to fleas in your car. A flea infestation in your car is just as irritating as a flea infestation in your home.

In this article I’m going to teach you how to remove fleas from your vehicle and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

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How do fleas get in your car?

As I said before you can get fleas in your vehicle from bringing your pet into your car with you. If your pet plays outside a lot or just happened to pick up fleas along the way to your car this can lead to a car infestation.

You also bring fleas into your car by parking in an area that has fleas living in it. When you get into your car you can bring adult fleas or flea eggs in with you.

Flea infestations in your vehicle are easy to get rid of. If your pet has fleas make sure you get rid of the infestation in your car first before bringing your pet back into it.

You should take care of the fleas on your pet too. This can easily be done by using flea drops or flea shampoo.

Once you clear your car of the infestation you should be able to safely bring your pet back into your car. Don’t do this though unless your sure your pet no longer has fleas. I

Removing fleas from your vehicle

 Steamer Cleaning

Steam cleaning or vacuuming your car regularly is important if you want to keep fleas out of your vehicle. When the infestation is too large steamers and vacuums wont always clear your car of fleas but if you have a small infestation I suggest using a steamer.

Fleas can’t survive in temperatures greater than 95 degrees Fahrenheit. A good steamer should produce steam at temperatures between 120 and 170 degrees. This will certainly kill any fleas caught in the steam.

As long as you make sure you’re steaming and vacuuming your car regularly fleas shouldn’t be a problem. Remember though if your infestation is really bad you need to use some of the more aggressive flea killing tactics listed below.

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Flea Sprays

This is a cheap and easy method of killing fleas. All you need to do is buy flea spray I suggest using Adams Plus Flea and Tick Carpet Spray or Raid Flea Killer Plus Carpet & Room Spray. Both of these flea sprays will work equally for the carpeting in your car.

Once you’ve purchased the flea sprays all you need to do is spray down all of the carpet and flooring in your vehicle.

Make sure you spray underneath your seats, and take out any floor mats so you can get the carpeting underneath them.

Let the flea spray sit in your car for an hour. If you want to be absolutely sure that the fleas are gone you can leave the flea spray sitting in your car for two hours. If you’re allergic to the spray I don’t recommend using it.

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Flea Powder

There are various different flea powders that can be used to rid your car of fleas. When it comes to flea powders I prefer diatomaceous earth. Its an all natural flea powder created from the fossilized remains of aquatic creatures called diatoms. When fleas inhale or eat the diatomaceous earth it absorbs all of the oils in their bodies causing them to die.

Diatomaceous earth isn’t the only flea powder. It also isn’t the most potent flea powder out there. I use Diatomaceous earth because it’s natural and isn’t harmful to humans unless continuously swallowed.

You can also use Adams carpet powder. Adams carpet powder contains an insect growth regulator called Nylar. Because it contains and insect growth regulator it’s not only able to kill adult fleas, but it also kills larva and eggs.

To use flea powder you just need to spread it throughout the carpeting in your car, wait a few hours then vacuum it up. If the flea problem persist repeat the process until all of the fleas in your car are gone.

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Killing fleas with steam

Steam cleaning is a natural way to kill fleas that doesn’t use any toxic chemicals. Professional cleaners and exterminators use steamers as a way to clean houses of flea infestations. They do this because fleas can only withstand certain temperatures and can easily drown. Flea steamers are one of my preferred methods of getting rid of fleas.

How does steam cleaning kill fleas?

Fleas can easily drown during the steam cleaning process. Steam cleaning will not only drown the fleas but the high temperatures of the steam will kill adult fleas as well as larva and eggs. Adult fleas can die in temperatures above 95 degrees Fahrenheit and temperatures lower than 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam cleaners should continuously produce steam at temperatures between 120 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures are plenty enough to kill adult fleas as well as larva and eggs.

Not only can you use flea steamers to kill fleas in your carpet but you can also use them to kill fleas in couches, pet beds, and cars. A flea steamer is a great thing to have around all the time if you have pets.

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Advantages of Flea Steamers

  •  Environmentally Friendly
  • Can be used as a house cleaner as well as a flea killing machine.
  • Can rid your couches and car of fleas.
  • Steam Penetrates carpets and kills fleas that you cant see and wont be able to vacuum up.
  • Steam cleaning doesn’t use any harsh chemicals. Using harsh chemicals can be hazardous to pets, and children. Chemicals may also damage furniture and carpeting. Steam cleaning is safe and if used properly will not damage furniture.
  • Kills flea eggs, and larva as well as adults.
  • Removes a flea infestation incredibly fast and prevent infestations in the future if used frequently!

Disadvantages of Flea Steamers

  • Not all flea steamers will work. Some steamers are cheap and don’t reach the needed temperatures. These steamers may not produce a continuous stream of steam, instead they will produce it in small burst. You need a continuous stream. Check out our buying guide below to find the perfect flea steamer for you.
  • Steam is hot- That means it can burn you so be careful. This seems obvious but some people don’t think about it.
  • Steamers should be used before spraying chemicals. Never use a steam cleaner after spraying! If you use a steam cleaner after you spray chemicals it can cause the chemicals to vaporize and go airborne. That is very hazardous to your health.
  • Steam and electrical outlets don’t get along well so avoid spraying your flea steamer at a electrical outlet. If you manage to spray the steamer at an outlet you may be in for a shock. See what I did there?

Our Flea Steamer Buying Guide:

Buying a steamer that works properly can be difficult because there are so many different steamers on the market. Not all of these steamers are going to be efficient at removing fleas. This is why we’ve made a buyers guide designed to help you find the right flea steamer!


vapamore-mr-100-287x300Having to continuously refill the water in your steamer becomes time consuming and irritating. This is why when looking for a flea steamer you should look for one that has a large capacity. A steamer with around 1.5 liters (half a gallon) of water will work. This will give you about an hour of steam.

You need to keep in mind that steamers that hold less water aren’t as expensive but more water means less fleas. While you’re filling up your steamer with more water the fleas in your house will be moving around. They could move to areas you’ve already steamed making it more difficult for you to rid your house of an infestation.

Though they may be expensive you should try to get a steamer with the highest capacity you can afford. Trust me it will pay off.

Water in steam

Too much steam can cause mildew, and too little steam isn’t effective. This is why you need a dry steamer. Dry steamers produce about 5% water volume in steam. This is just enough steam to penetrate carpet, and furniture to kill fleas. This will still give everything time to dry along with preventing mold and mildew.


Steamer TemperatureThe temperature your steamer produces steam at is vital to eliminating steam. If it isn’t hot enough it won’t be able to kill the fleas and accelerate the hatching of eggs. The steamer should produce steam at a constant temperature of 120 degrees.

With so many steamers for sale it’s hard to find a steamer that consistently produces steam at a temperature of 120 degrees. If your steamer doesn’t produce steam consistently then it could miss spots where fleas are. This will only make it more difficult for you to rid your home or vehicle of an infestation.


The number of attachments that come with your steamer can be important. Fleas can hide in hard to reach places like under your bed, and small cracks and crevices. There are also a few different steamer heads that can be used for different things such as clothes, carpeting, furniture. Who doesn’t like to play around with different attachments anyways?

Best Flea Steamers

Heres a list of our top 3 recommended flea steamers. We are providing a list of steamers because with so many steamers out there it can be difficult finding the perfect steamer. These steamers are the best possible steamers we could find for you using our buying guide and consumer reviews.

Number one steamer based on consumer reports
Best Bed Bug steamer
McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner
Best Mid-Range Cost and Quality
Best low cost option, but not as effective