How long do flea bites last?

Fleas have been around for thousands of years. Their bites feel like they are lasting just as long. How long do flea bites last though? Is it possible to make these bites heal faster or stop itching so much? I’m going to briefly answer all of these questions for you.

How long do flea bite last?

Flea-Bites-Pictures-4Flea bites itch because of the saliva used to numb your skin when they bite you. The saliva can cause irritation that leads to itching until the bite heals. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones you won’t have any irritation from flea bites. This means you won’t even know you’ve been bitten by a flea. A lot of people never even know they’ve been bitten. Others aren’t so lucky though and the itching can drive someone crazy.

Flea bites are different for every person. Some people may have allergies to the saliva that causes itching. They can last from anywhere to a few days to two weeks. There are plenty of ways to treat the bites and reduce itching without having to see a dermatologist.

Treating Bites and Reducing Itching

I know you want to get the itching to stop quickly so lets jump right into ways to reduce itching. You can use moisturizers, hydrocortisone cream, and aloe vera to reduce itching. You can also place an ice pack against the bite for 15 to 20 minutes once every six hours to drastically reduce itching.

All of the below methods have been proven to help healing faster and not cause any secondary infections.

Preventing Fleas From Biting

The best way to prevent itching from flea bites is to keep them from biting you. If you have fleas already in your home I suggest reading this article. It will tell you how to treat a flea infestation in your home.

You can use bug repellents bought at stores but they may not be incredibly effective. The most effective way to keep fleas from biting you is to keep them out of you home because that’s where you will be bitten the most. If you’re going to the beach you should use a cactus juice spray..  This will keep sand fleas from biting you.

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Keeping fleas out of your home

Your main concern should be keeping fleas out of you home. A flea can bite you when your out of your home. This will leave you with just a bite or two. That’s a minor concern. If they flea or fleas follow you back into your home that can be a major problem.

Fleas multiply rapidly so preventing them from spreading is the key to stopping an infestation. So early into and infestation I would avoid thing such as flea foggers, and flea sprays. You can start just by using flea traps and vacuuming your home often.

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