Homemade Flea Traps

Buying flea traps can be expensive and sometimes entirely unnecessary. You can easily make homemade flea traps using items around you home that are just as effective as store bought flea traps.

In this article I’m going to teach you how to make various flea traps that can be placed around your home. These traps will do an amazing job of killing fleas

TV Trap

Metz_Axio_TVThis is my personal favorite flea trap. It works like magic and is really easy to do!

First thing you need to do is fill a 13×9 pan half full of water and soap to catch the fleas. You can place this in front of the TV .Then turn on the TV with the sound off, I suggest turning the TV to either Keeping up with the Kardashians, or The Jerry Springer Show. These shows will rot the fleas minds causing them to die faster.

While the fleas are getting caught in the trap you can go out on the town or just go to sleep and come back and take a look in the morning. Your mind will be blown by the amount of captured fleas.

Lamp Trap

vector___lamp_by_misteraibo-d4p4cyaThe lamp trap uses a lamp with a bright bulb and a bowl of soapy water to catch the fleas. To start, get a bowl and fill it with water then add a dash of soap and mix it around until the soap is mixed in. Try to prevent making bubbles when stirring the soap in. The soap will keep the fleas in the bowl, preventing them from escaping.

Once you have the bowl of soap and water take a lamp and place it on the ground above the bowl of soapy water. Make sure to angle the lamp so that the light shines onto the bowl.

If you don’t have a lamp you can also place the bowl against a wall underneath a night light. The light will draw the fleas to the bowl where they will be caught and die.

Cup Trap

cup-42427_640This really wont cost you any money at all. Just take a cup of water or a few depending on the severity of your infestation and fill them with water. Then place some dish soap or any kind of soap you have lying around. Mix the soap into the cup, once again try not to make bubbles. Place the cup into a window where the light is and let it sit.

You can use multiple different cups and place them throughout the house. I really suggest doing this if you have a really large flea infestation and wish to get rid of fleas as fast as possible.

Candle Trap

14136-illustration-of-a-candle-with-a-burning-flame-pvThe easiest of all the traps. Step one is you need to buy a thick candle. The second part is to light it where you wont have to leave it unattended. If you didn’t understand that I don’t know how to make it anymore simple. All you do is light a candle and stick it somewhere.

This is a very simple homemade flea trap and doesn’t take any effort. I don’t recommend using it though because its not a very effective trap.

Bowl Candle Trap

bowl-310064_640This is a very simple trap that uses a bowl of soapy water and a candle. Just fill a bowl with water and a little bit of soap. Place a small candle such as a tea candle in the center of the bowl. The fleas will jump towards the candle and get caught in the water like in the other Traps.

I’ve used this candle trap before and its worked really well for me so far. As long as you have light and a way to kill the fleas you can passively kill a large number of fleas.

Bath Trap

This isn’t the best homemade flea trap in the world but it does cover have a large area for the fleas to jump into.

For this trap just fill your bathtub up with soapy water, or water with vinegar mixed into it and place a candle in the center of the water. This trap sometimes works really well depending on where your bathtub is and if you have a low bath tub or a high one.

Other information

3404894430_197b580c0a_oIf you don’t to make your own flea trap you can always buy one from here. Store bought flea traps may work better depending on the size of your infestation.

This is a trap but my girlfriend does this to our dogs when they have fleas. Fleas have hard shells making them sometimes hard to kill. What you can do if you see a flea is pick it up and place it in a water bottle. If you leave the flea in the bottle and shake the bottle it will kill the fleas easily.

You can also roll the fleas between your fingers to kill them. This will break their legs preventing them from jumping to a host.