How do fleas get in your home?

flea-_akiradesigns_largeIf you’re on this site then you’ve probably had fleas in your house or have them now. A great way to prevent fleas is by figuring out how they get into your house to cause this infestation. There are a few different reason how they can sneak into your house without you knowing until its too late.

The main way fleas  get into your house is pet’s. Yes, as cute as your pets are whether they’re a cat or dog, they can be a walking flea machine. Fleas love to burrow into your pet’s fur for warmth and a nice blood meal. After they’ve fed off your pet they’ll lay eggs in their fur that will eventually fall off  due to the absence of a sticky substance to hold the eggs in place. These eggs will fall into your carpet and the flea life cycle will begin leading to a large infestation. 

Though this is incredibly rare, try to watch for stray animals. Strays that have been outside for long periods of time are bound to have fleas. I’m not talking about just cats and dogs but pest like birds, mice or rats can have fleas tracking them into your house if your door or window is left open.

It’s vital that you keep your pet clean and well groomed. Use a flea combs frequently and try to bathe your pet as often as you can. I highly recommend using a flea shampoo but if you cant get a flea shampoo at the moment a simple bath will suffice.

Vacuuming your house is really important too. I wouldn’t say vacuum it everyday unless your positive you have an infestation other wise just use your best judgment and at least vacuum once a week. Vacuuming will remove all the eggs and flea larva thats buried in your carpet.

Another possible way fleas can get in your house is by a previous owner of the house. Fleas can stay in a cocooned state for months and wont come out until the feel the vibrations of someone walking near them. They will then hatch from their cocoons looking for a blood meal. The previous owner may have had pet’s and thats how the fleas got into the house. When renting or buying try to check and see if the previous owner had pet’s.

2562591188_8f52fcc1c1_oThe final way fleas can get into your home is your children if you have any. Kids love to play outside, we all know this from experience. When they are outside they’ll play in the woods, grass, or dirt. There will be fleas there so when your kids come in for a grilled cheese for lunch all the fleas they pick up will come with them and right into your home.

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