How to get rid of fleas in your bed

Parasites such as fleas make your home uncomfortable and stressful. Fleas can be hide in your sofas, beds, cushioned chairs, cupboards, etc and are not easy to find because of their tiny size. Fleas in your bed can really cause a headache. Its frustrating waking up in the morning covered in fleas and flea bites.

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How do fleas get in our beds?

There are plenty of ways fleas can get into your bed. The primary reason is if you let your pets sleep in your bed with you. When you take your pet outside for a bathroom break there is a chance they will come back with fleas. At night when you and your pet go to bed the fleas will follow you into your bed.

Fleas can also get into your bed if you buy a used mattress or sheets that already have flea eggs in them. This is why you should always wash new and used sheets before using them. You can never be too safe.

A final reason they get into your bed is if you move into a home that previously had a flea infestation. Flea eggs can remain dormant for months without hatching or dying. As soon as these dormant flea eggs feel the vibrations of a host walking by they will hatch and begin looking for the nearby host.

Apart these reasons, unclean, dirty areas give way for flea growth. If your living space is near a garbage dump or gutter, then fleas will likely sneak into your home.

If you have pets at home, say, dogs or cats or guinea pigs or any other animals, you tend to stay close to them all the time. They actually start living with you inside your house. Your pets get on to your sofas, your beds and other places where you cuddle them and play with them all day.

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During this time, there are very good chances that fleas fall off from your pet’s body and get into your sofa cushion corners, your beds, your clothes and other areas. Pets are high carriers of fleas and other tiny bugs and if they continue to live with you, small bugs will definitely get into house, causing fleas in your bed, thus disturbing your personal space.

Most Effective Ways to Get rid of Fleas

Whenever you find Fleas in your bed and experience major flea issues, you must and should take proper measures to get rid of them. If the right actions are not taken immediately, it can lead to worse conditions. You can consider the following ways in which the fleas can be prevented or destroyed:

Bathing your pets regularly is very important because it will prevent fleas out of your pets fur. When you wash your pets, it also helps get rid of the existing ones that have been hiding in their fur for a long period time. You should use the right products for cleaning your pets. Make sure to use pet friendly cleaning and bathing products that are harmless even when used frequently. You can buy pet friendly flea shampoo here.

Another important task is washing the used clothes, bed sheets and other things so that they do not attract any bugs. When used items are kept as they are for days together, they get dirtier and become perfect hosts for fleas. Make sure that you wash them with a good detergent, in hot water and dry them well. This is very important because fleas usually cannot survive in hot conditions, thus solving your problem.

Some more methods of Flea Prevention and Removal

Vacuuming is another major part of the flea eradication process. It is best if you vacuum your sheets, carpets, sofas, pillow covers, etc every day. This will help a great deal in destroying the fleas in your bed as well as their eggs, thus putting a stop to their whole cycle.

Your task does not end here. Once vacuuming is done, garbage bags must be properly disposed, in such a way that the eggs cannot hatch. Next method is the use of a good insect growth regulator (IGR)such as pyriproxyfen or methoprene. These sprays help to stop the larvae from growing into adult fleas. Without IGRs, you definitely cannot reach the larvae and destroy them. Get strong, effective IGRs that will serve as your ultimate flea solution. A team of trained people are also usually available, who can help you in flea eradication and prevention processes by visiting your place if required.

Apart from all these, you can make use of botanical dust mixed with Borate acid which can attack upto the larvae level. While using this method, it is very important to cover your face with a mask in order to avoid breathing in of the insecticide. You can spray natural or synthetic insecticide inside your house and leave the entire space free from human interaction for a whole day.

It is also good to go for regular maintenance of your backyard where the chances of flea manifestation are high. A good dehumidifier can also work well in these situations. Since fleas stay alive at humid conditions above 50%, you can lower the humidity with the use of dehumidifiers. All these methods are very effective in getting rid of fleas from your living spaces.