Paper Fleas – What are they?

Paper fleas are a mythical office bug that many office workers believe make them itch while working. Despite many investigations though no paper fleas have ever been found. This usually occurs when office workers are dealing with large amounts of papers and files.

Do they exist?

As I stated above they are a myth. There have been extensive searches looking for these fleas in hopes of find the source to the mysterious itching that office workers have to deal with. Despite the desperate searches nothing has ever been found that proves the existence of paper fleas.

Where does the itching come from?

 The itching and small bite like looking red marks are real and not imagined. This itching feels like small pinprick sensations on your body. They can be caused by a few things.

  • Insulation – Insulation is often used in office buildings and homes. This insulation typically contains fiber glass which can cause skin irritation when the fibers come in contact with clothes or skin.
  • Fabric Fibers – Small fibers from old carpets or furniture can also cause skin irritation
  • Shards of Paper - If you’re working in an office you’re likely handling paper a lot. These small paper shards are released into the air from the cutting or tearing of paper. This can cause irritation
  • Allergies - Lack of cleaning in an office space can lead to increased allergies due to accumulating dust and allergens.

How to stop the itching

 You could start by contacting the building owner. There are some steps they can take to reduce the dust, allergens, and fabric fibers.

You can use a humidifier to reduce the dryness of an office space. You can also use moisturizer to reduce itching on your skin.

If there are bites on your skin its very possible that your office space could be infested by fleas. In this case you really should treat the infestation on your own in a workplace. I recommend calling an exterminator to take care of office infestations.

If you’re a business owner by all means take care of the infestation yourself. You can use my article on flea treatment to help you clear your office space of fleas.