What do fleas look like?

It can be difficult to distinguish what fleas look like. From a distance they can look like tiny little dots or ant. I made this page to help those of you that aren’t sure if what you’re seeing is a flea or some other small insect.

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Flea Pictures


Human Flea before feeding (First Picture)                            

Oriental Rat Flea After feeding (Second Picture)

Fleas come in many different shapes in sizes. Generally they are about 2.5mm in size. They are dark in color, usually a red or brown. From a distance they look more of a black color.

When moving around they look like they are flying from location to location but they are actually using 6 incredibly strong legs to propel themselves long distances. Their bodies are thin and flat to allow easy movement through the fur of animals, and are covered in tiny little hairs to keep them rooted to their host.

You’re more likely to see fleas on your pet’s fur but you can see them in carpeting or on your own skin trying to feed off you. You can recognize the start of an infestation by red marks on the skin of your pet, you may also have small bites on your skin.

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What do flea bites look like?


Flea bites tend to be smaller than a mosquito bite, they can sometimes be even smaller than a pimple. If you start to itch check the irritated area for small bites that look as I’ve just described. Bites usually occur on feet, ankles, or legs seeing as its difficult for a flea to get up to the higher parts of a human. This is also because fleas love to burrow into your socks where its moist and warm. That’s exactly the kind of environment they love to live in.

To help identify if its a flea bite just check your pet for fleas by using a Flea Comb or simply combing through their fur with your hands. If you’re still not sure if the bites are fleas or not take a look at the pictures below