A Guide to Flea Traps

Flea traps are a great way to kill fleas without having to do much. All you need to do is set up the trap and let it sit around and passively kill fleas while you just sit back and wait. You can buy a flea trap or make a homemade trap, I will explain how to do so below.

Buying Traps

A store bought trap is much more efficient than making one at home, thats why I’m going to walk you through the different types of store bought traps before I show you how to make one at home.

Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap-  This is my favorite type of flea trap. Its an electric flea trap that works incredibly well killing a large number of fleas in a short period of time if placed in a good location. I’ve used this trap numerous times and know from experience that it does work.

It doesn’t use any poisons. It comes with refills so you can replace the stick coating that traps the fleas when it becomes too full. I do recommend putting it somewhere out of reach of your pet because if your pet paws at it the sticky substance may get stuck on your pet. This isn’t a huge problem seeing as it can easily just be peeled off without hurting your pet.

Electric Trap- This is the most common flea trap that can be bought. There’s a small electric light bulb about the size of  the average night light bulb or a Christmas tree light bulbs. This bulb is suspended above a sticky substance in a covered container. Fleas are attracted to the light and warmth produced by the light bulb. The fleas will jump towards the light and get stuck in the stick substance below the bulb trapping them and killing them. These traps not only kill fleas but can kill ants, flies, tiny gnats and other insects that may be in your house that are attracted to lights and warmth.

Homemade Traps

Homemade traps are great when you’re short on money or you don’t want to wait to order an electric flea trap. They don’t work as well as some store bought flea traps but they can certainly get the job done!

TV Flea TrapTV Trap- I’ll start with this homemade flea trap because this is my personal favorite. First thing you need to do is fill a 13×9 pan half full of water and soap to catch the fleas. You can place this in front of the TV .

Then turn on the TV with the sound off, I suggest turning the TV to either Keeping up with the Kardashians, or The Jerry Springer Show. These shows will rot the fleas minds causing them to die faster.

While the fleas are getting caught in the trap you can go out on the town or just go to sleep and come back and take a look in the morning. Your mind will be blown by the amount of captured fleas.

Lamp Flea TrapLamp Trap- The lamp trap uses a lamp with a bright bulb and a bowl of soapy water to catch the fleas. To start, get a bowl and fill it with water then add a dash of soap and mix it around until the soap is mixed in.

Try to prevent making bubbles when stirring the soap in. The soap will keep the fleas in the bowl, preventing them from escaping. Once you have the bowl of soap and water take a lamp and place it on the ground above the bowl of soapy water. Angle the lamp so that the light shines onto the bowl.

If you don’t have a lamp you can also place the bowl against a wall underneath a night light. The light will draw the fleas to the bowl where they will be caught and die.

Bowl Candle Trap- This is a very simple trap that uses a bowl of soapy water and a candle. Just fill a bowl with water and a little bit of soap. Place a small candle such as a tea candle in the center of the bowl. The fleas will jump towards the candle and get caught in the water like in the other Traps.

Candle Flea TrapSimple Candle Trap- The easiest of all the traps. Step one is you need to buy a thick candle. The second part is to light it where you wont have to leave it unattended. If you didn’t understand that I don’t know how to make it anymore simple. All you do is light a candle and stick it somewhere. Though this is simple its not the most effective homemade trap.

Cup Trap- You wont have to buy anything with this trap so anyone can do it with ease. Just take a cup of water or a few depending on the severity of your infestation and fill them with water. Then place some dish soap or any kind of soap you have lying around. Mix the soap into the cup, once again try not to make bubbles. Place the cup into a window where the light is and let it sit.

Where are the best spots to place flea traps?

When I place traps I want to make sure its in a strategic location that will maximize the amount of fleas caught. The best places are anywhere that your pets spend a lot of time playing or laying around. If they have a pet bed the best spot to place a trap is around it.

Your pet will spend most of its time in that bed which means the fleas will be there all the time. If you want you can also place a trap in your room or another room that you spend time in such as the living room to reduce the amount of fleas biting you. If your cat or dog stays on the couch a lot the living room is a better option that your bedroom.

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Best Flea Traps

There are so many different ways to kill fleas using  traps, sprays, powders, and steamers. With such a large variety of ways to kill fleas it can be painful deciding which products you should use. Below I’m going to list 3 of the best flea traps you can buy. I hope this makes you life easier!

1. Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap

As I said at the beginning of the article this is my favorite flea trap. The light and sticky flea pad make sure the fleas in the area are caught and killed as quickly as possible to prevent further infestation. This trap works best in areas that your pet frequently occupies. Set the trap up, make sure your pet is out of the room, and turn the lights off. If you’ve followed instructions then it will work wonders!

2. Aspectek Sticky Dome Flea Trap

This trap is very similar to the Victor flea trap. It has the same basic design but is slightly more expensive. Customers on Amazon rate the Aspectek flea trap higher than they do the Victor flea trap. Like any other flea trap you need to follow the instructions for it to work properly. Because it uses a warm light it will work best in a dark room without your pet in it.

Springstar S102 Flea Trap

This is the most expensive trap on our list. It has the same concept as every flea trap, using a warm light thats directed over a sticky pad designed to trap fleas. This trap has a smaller top so it may prove to catch more fleas than the other traps. I’d be careful if you have small pets though. I’ve used this trap before and one of our small newborn kitten got a paw stuck in it. It was easy to remove but it definitely scared her.

Other Information

I’ve already said this but I’m going to say it again because it is vital. To get the best results from flea traps take your pet out of the room you’re placing the trap in and turn the lights off. The fleas will be looking for warmth and if its dark and your pet isn’t in there then they have a higher chance of getting caught in the trap.

I’ve never had problems with any of these flea traps in the past but a few consumers on Amazon have said they’ve had problems. One review said that fleas would head towards the light but never actually jumped into the stick dome. If this happens and you notice fleas around the outside of the trap try placing Diatomaceous Earth around the outside to kill the ones sitting there.