Flea Prevention

 This is your guide to natural flea prevention. This article is here to help you plan in advance and stop a flea infestation before its to late. Although this guide may help if you already have a flea infestation its wasn’t made to show you how to kill fleas. If your intention is to kill them check out this article here. I know some of you may love to read and increase your knowledge of the world so feel free to read this article that’ll help you to exploit flea weaknesses!

Homemade flea spray

A lot of people say that vinegar is a great way to prevent and treat fleas. I agree with this to a point. Vinegar is great at preventing fleas but not treating. The vinegar won’t kill the fleas on contact but will make the pet much less desirable to fleas. All you need to do is mix the vinegar with an equal mix of water. Apple cider vinegar seems to do the trick.

I understand from experience that most pets don’t like to be sprayed with a bottle so as a substitute to spraying you can simply take a wash clothe and soak it in a water and vinegar mixture. The mixture will work equally for both cats and dogs though the amount you’ll need to apply varies depending on the bred of pet you have.

Flea Drops

Once placed on your pet flea drops are a passive preventative that kills fleas as soon as they bite into your pet or come in contact with skin. Flea drops work like magic and are the best preventative out there at the moment. Flea drops don’t only kill fleas but can also kill other insect that decide they want to bite your pet. Flea dropsare easy to use and last around 30 days depending on the brand.

Once applied it takes 4 hours before it starts to kill fleas in your pets fur. Your pet may try to lick the application out of its fur so take your pet on a walk or at least try to distract them until the application dries.

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Flea Trap

There are plenty of different flea traps out there that you can use to passively kill any fleas in the area. For example the TV flea trap.

Step 1- Fill a small pan with soupy water. (About 13×9 inches)

Step 2- Place the pan in front of a TV before you go to bed every night.

Step 3- Turn the TV on and the sound off. (I recommend turning on “keeping up with the Kardashians”, Fleas hate that show.)

Step 4- Go to bed then wake up the next morning and check your trap! The number of fleas caught in the trap will amaze you, and you didn’t even have to do anything except set up the trap.

This method can be used to prevent, detect, and treat fleas. If you have a massive infestation in your home this can easily help you to get it under control without deadly chemicals.


Keep your pet and their environment clean

This is absolutely vital. When you take your pet out to do his or her business fleas can easily hide in your pets fur and get carried into your house causing a mess of an infestation. This applies more to dogs than cats seeing as cats don’t need to be let out. I recommend combing your pets once a day with a Flea Comb.

You can make a homemade Flea Shampoo by mixing 1 quart of water, 1 cup of liquid dish detergent (I suggest dawn for sensitive skin), and 1 cup of liquid dish detergent into a big bowl or bucket. Once its finished mixing you can transfer it to a squeeze bottle to make it easier to use. Washing your pet will kill the fleas that are embedded into their fur. The vinegar in the flea shampoo will cause your pet to be less appetizing to the fleas.

You’re going to need to wash your pets bedding as frequently as possible to kill any eggs, larvae or adult fleas in the bedding. Vacuuming is also really important, vacuuming the house will also kill any eggs, larvae, or adults scattered around the house.