prices are determined by a number of factors.  It’s important to understanding that the size of your home and size of your flea infestation play a key role in the  overall cost of the treatment.  Additionally, flea exterminators often have to visit and treat a home multiple times in order to completely remove the fleas from your home.

Fleas are a huge nuisance especially during the summer. Our pets that we love so much want to go outside and play or go running but when they come into the house they can bring fleas in with them. The pricing tool can help you get the best deal!


Compare pest control services by using our simple pricing tool.  Price quotes will be from top pest control companies in your area.

When comparing pest control prices, be sure and ask for a comprehensive list of features for each package available. Doing so will allow you to compare the various the features of each package and give you the information needed to make a more informed decision before you spend your hard earned money.

One final tip: Be sure and ask the company about their prior flea treatment experience, even ask for references and call them. Remember, just because someone says they are experienced at treating bed bugs, doesn’t mean they really are.  Do your homework, and be sure you are choosing a treatment company that knows what they are doing AND at the best price!