This page is designed to give you a brief description of all the flea remedies out there. It can be confusing on what to use sometimes because theres a vast number of products that can be used. I hope that this page makes your decision on what to use much easier.

If you have any questions about anything you can contact me here and I will help you to the best of my ability. I have plenty of experience with fleas seeing as my excessive number of pets love to bring them into the house!

Flea Drops

I’m going to list this method first because this is my preferred method. I use Frontline Plus on my Golden Retriever anytime she has fleas. She had fleas every summer because we live in a mountain region full of pest like fleas and ticks.

All you do is break the seal and apply it around your pets shoulder blades and it works like magic killing the fleas as soon as they bite into your pet.

Make sure not to apply the drops onto the fur. Instead spread your pets fur and apply it to their skin. Its best for the drops to not be disturbed until dried so take your dog for a walk until it can dry. To read more about Frontline Plus click here.

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Flea Combs

I prefer to use flea combs as a means of detecting fleas when I’m not sure if my pet has flea bites or some other insect bites.

All you do is comb through your pets fur and it will pull the fleas off your pets. You can use it as a method of treating fleas if you constantly comb your pet for fleas.

I find this to be less effective though and a lot slower. Not only will it remove flea eggs and fleas but it will also clean your pet of flea dirt.

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Flea Shampoo

Flea Shampoo is a great way to wash fleas and flea eggs off your pet. All you need to do is bathe your pet in warm water and wash them with the flea shampoo and the fleas will come off like magic.

Flea shampoo works the same for cats and dogs though cats are probably harder to bathe seeing as they don’t care for water. If you can manage to get your cat into a tub though then best of luck to you!

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Flea Pills

Taken orally flea pills kill any fleas hiding in your pets fur. Pills are nice  because you don’t really have to worry about fleas being on your pet as long as you can remember to regularly give your pet the pills. It may prove difficult to get your pet to swallow the pill so i suggest mixing it into food to make it less noticeable and easier to consume.

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Flea Collar

I don’t care for this method. Flea collars are collars you put on your pet that do a great job of killing fleas on your pets. There are organic flea collars that use non-toxic chemicals but if you aren’t careful and buy a flea collar with poisons it can be dangerous to your pets.

You’ll be putting a collar of poison around your pet. Don’t get me wrong the organic flea collars aren’t dangerous and are effective so if other methods of treatment haven’t worked for you then give it a shot.

If you click the link below or click the image it will link you to a non-toxic flea collar. Always play it safe when it comes to children and pets so buy a safe flea collar.

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Flea Powder

If you have growing infestation and want to take it out quickly flea powder is the way to go. All you do is sprinkle the powder on your floor and leave it there for a few hours the vacuum it up. You’ll want to repeat this process until the flea infestation is completely gone.

I recommend using Diatomaceous Earth. It’s an environmentally friendly powder made from the fossilized remains of an aquatic organism called Diatoms. When the fleas breathe in the Diatomaceous Earth it will absorb the oils and moisture in their bodies causing them to die.

It isn’t at all harmful to pets or humans so you don’t have to worry about poisons. If you want you can also apply the powder to your pets so it will kill the fleas hiding in their fur.


Flea Trap

Flea Traps are a personal favorite of mine. Traps are a very effective method of killing fleas passively. All you need to do is set up flea traps around your house and it will kill fleas while you sleep or watch TV. It wont completely take out a massive flea infestation that’s something left for powders, bombs, and sprays. Flea traps can be used as a method of prevention too. If you’re worrying about a possible infestation I recommend putting a few up.

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Flea Bomb

Flea bombs are great when the infestation has gotten completely out of hand. They’re great for taking out massive numbers of fleas at once. The chemicals inside flea bombs aren’t the safest chemicals so when you use a flea bomb make sure you, your pet, and your family are out of the house for awhile and when you get home make sure to open windows to let the bombs vent out.

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Flea Spray

A very effective method of killing fleas flea spray can also be dangerous. Sprays contain IGR or Insect Growth Regulator. The growth regulator kills not only flea eggs but also larva. This is good because flea powders and traps can’t kill eggs. I don’t like using sprays though they are effective. If you don’t buy the right flea spray it can contain harmful chemicals that can be hazardous to you, your family, and your pets. If flea powders aren’t getting the job done then by all means use a flea spray to kill off the infestation quickly.

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