What do flea bites look like?

IMG_3328With so many creatures out there trying to bite us it can be difficult to determine which creatures are biting you. I’m writing this article in hopes that you will be able to look at the bites and determine if they are flea bites.

Fleas will bite you anywhere they can get to. They most commonly bite you on your ankles or feet though. If your ankles and feet are covered in bites its very likely that it’s fleas.

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fleasFlea bites look like small red dots on your skin. Most of the time you wont notice the bites until they start to itch which is caused by the saliva of the fleas. When the bites start to itch most people scratch them hard enough to draw blood which leaves a small open hole on the bite.

If the bites are in a nearly perfect straight line then they may not be flea bites. You could have bed bugs. Bed bugs are very lazy and don’t want to move much so they walk in a straight line and continuously bite their host. If you suspect it may be bed bugs please check out my article explaining the difference between bed bug and flea bites. Click here read that article!

Below is a Gallery of flea bites on humans to help you better identify your bites.


How to treat flea bites

Fleas can be incredibly irritating and will itch you into insanity. If you can you should treat the flea bites as quickly as possible to keep the bites from itching. There are various treatments for flea bites that will relive itching and help treat your wounds faster. You can use just about any anti-itching treatments such as cortisone or Aloe Vera Lotion.

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