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Killing fleas with steam

Steam cleaning is a natural way to kill fleas that doesn’t use any toxic chemicals. Professional cleaners and exterminators use steamers as a way to clean houses of flea infestations. They do this because fleas can only withstand certain temperatures and can easily drown. Flea steamers are one of my preferred methods of getting rid […]

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Killing Fleas With Vinegar

Flea killers often contain toxic chemicals that can harm you, your family, and your pets. This tends to deter people from using commercial flea killers. Flea killers can cost a large some of money as well and many people (myself included) don’t want to spend that kind of money. This leads to the question are […]


Sand Fleas- Bites and Treatment

What are sand fleas? According to many people, sand flea is a term that can be used to describe many species of animals. They describe sand fleas as very tiny animals that bite and leave welts similar to those of a flea. The truth is that there are many animals in sandy and coastal areas […]


Homemade Flea Traps

Buying flea traps can be expensive and sometimes entirely unnecessary. You can easily make homemade flea traps using items around you home that are just as effective as store bought flea traps. In this article I’m going to teach you how to make various flea traps that can be placed around your home. These traps […]

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What do flea bites look like?

With so many creatures out there trying to bite us it can be difficult to determine which creatures are biting you. I’m writing this article in hopes that you will be able to look at the bites and determine if they are flea bites. Fleas will bite you anywhere they can get to. They most […]


Where do fleas hide?

Fleas are very good at hiding and making it to where we cant get rid of them. We work so hard to get rid of a flea infestation and as soon as we think its gone, it comes right back. This article is designed to help you find and eliminate these fleas. There are too […]


Flea eggs-Taking fleas out from the root

Getting rid of fleas can be incredibly difficult. No matter how many times you think you get rid of a flea infestation it just keeps coming back. This is because of flea eggs. These eggs are immune to most pesticides and chemicals used to kill adult fleas. Flea eggs are a factor that most people […]