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Killing fleas with steam

Steam cleaning is a natural way to kill fleas that doesn’t use any toxic chemicals. Professional cleaners and exterminators use steamers as a way to clean houses of flea infestations. They do this because fleas can only withstand certain temperatures and can easily drown. Flea steamers are one of my preferred methods of getting rid […]

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How to treat fleas in your carpet

Fleas in your carpet is a serious issue when it comes to flea infestations. Fleas don’t normally hide around wood or tile floors. They prefer wet, moist, dark, and secure areas such as carpeting, clothes or pet fur. Its important to treat your infestation as soon as you can. This article will cover the basics […]


How to kill fleas

This article will teach you about some of the methods you can use to kill fleas whether it’s natural or chemical. I understand sometimes infestations can get out of hand and that can cause a huge problem. Sometimes the fastest way to kill them is by using a  or . Diatomaceous Earth This is the best […]

raid flea killer plus fogger

What are the best Flea Foggers?

Most of the time I wouldn’t recommend using a flea fogger or flea bomb in your home. This is because with a flea fogger you’re releasing hazardous chemicals into the air that could linger in your home after use. Sometimes you may need a fogger though. Flea Infestations can grow so large that you need […]

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What do flea bites look like?

With so many creatures out there trying to bite us it can be difficult to determine which creatures are biting you. I’m writing this article in hopes that you will be able to look at the bites and determine if they are flea bites. Fleas will bite you anywhere they can get to. They most […]


Jiggers – What are they and how to treat them

A common question I’m asked is if its possible to have flea eggs under your skin and if so how do I get rid of these eggs. Luckily for us flea eggs under our skin isn’t too common though it does happen. The fleas that burrow into your skin are called Chigoe fleas or better […]


Flea eggs-Taking fleas out from the root

Getting rid of fleas can be incredibly difficult. No matter how many times you think you get rid of a flea infestation it just keeps coming back. This is because of flea eggs. These eggs are immune to most pesticides and chemicals used to kill adult fleas. Flea eggs are a factor that most people […]