Where do fleas hide?

humanfleaFleas are very good at hiding and making it to where we cant get rid of them. We work so hard to get rid of a flea infestation and as soon as we think its gone, it comes right back. This article is designed to help you find and eliminate these fleas.

There are too many different flea treatments to cover for just one article. That’s why I’ve put all the information I have in different articles. Check out the different articles on this website to find out as much as you need to know about flea treatment. Check out this article on treating fleas with a steamer.

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Where do fleas enjoy hiding?

fleasFleas love warm, dark, moist conditions. Because of this I would be wary of socks when you have fleas in your home.

I’ve had fleas in my home plenty of time and every time I take off my sock I would find at least one flea that was hiding in them.

This is because of what I said before. They love warm, moist, and dark places. Socks fit that criteria perfectly.

Humidity is crucial for flea survival. Eggs have to live in areas with humidity levels of between 70-75%. Flea larva though have to be in humidity levels of 50% . In these relative humidity levels 20% of fleas will make it to adult hood where they will just lay more eggs and make your infestation bigger.

 Carpet and Cracks

Eggs, Larva, and pupae hide in your carpets and cracks between tiles on your floor. Fleas eggs lack a sticky substance needed to keep them latched onto the host they’re laid on.

This means they’re falling off a host and into your carpet, or couch, maybe even your bed.

Larva eat the feces of adult fleas and other small decrements on the ground. This means that they are going to be on the ground in carpet or in between tiles same as fleas eggs so that they can find a large supply of food.

Flea pupae in their cocooned state hide in carpet along with eggs and larva. The pupae are immune to most pesticides while in their cocooned state which is why it is important to continuously clean your house to make sure you get rid of them as soon as they leave their cocoons.

How to kill fleas in your carpet

Taking out the fleas in your carpet is relatively easy. All you need is a vacuum and Diatomaceous Earth.

1. Cover your floor in Diatomaceous Earth

2. Let it sit for between 1 and two hours. I recommend putting it out when you run to the grocery store so you don’t have to fight with getting the powder everywhere.

3. Vacuum the Diatomaceous Earth up.

4. Repeat process until the fleas are no longer in your carpet.

I’ve tried steam cleaning my carpet before too and that seems to do a great job of removing fleas. If you have a steamer I suggest steaming after you vacuum up the Diatomaceous Earth.

Don’t steam clean while the Diatomaceous Earth is still on your carpet because it will then hinder useless seeing as the fleas cant breathe it in to kill them.

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Killing eggs and larva in wood floors

Adult fleas tend to avoid tile, and wood floors because its so cold and they would rather be somewhere that’s warm. Flea eggs and larva though are wedged between the cracks in the tile of your floor.

You can remove these fleas by mopping or using a flea steamer. Flea Steamers are one of the best methods for treating fleas in carpeting and wood floors. 

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There are plenty of other ways to get rid of fleas throughout your house though without having to pay for something as expensive a steamer. Feel free to look around this website and find all different kinds of treatment methods.