What are the best flea shampoos?


Flea shampoo is a great way to remove fleas from your pets fur. Flea shampoos have chemicals in the designed to kill fleas. Some flea shampoos also contains chemicals that allow long term flea prevention. This can keep fleas off your pet for 4 weeks! Below I’m going to show you my favorite fleas shampoos […]

What is flea shampoo?


We’ve all been in a situation where our pets are itching like crazy because their covered in fleas. If you arent sure how to help them, theres an easy solution called flea shampoo. It’s designed to be put on your pet to kill the fleas hiding in your pets fur. Not only does it kill […]

Electric Flea Traps


Flea traps are a great way to take out fleas and treat and infestation. You can build traps at home with common household items or you can buy traps depending on the time you have and the quality you want. ¬†are the most common traps. When I use flea traps I prefer to use electric […]

What Are The Best Flea Killers?


Fleas are often the scourge of many a pet and their care givers. They not only cause an infestation but bring further risks to the humans leaving both parties itchy, irritated and prone to skin infections and blood shortage. While prevention is the best remedy to any problem, the inevitable infestation can come from contact […]