How to treat fleas in your carpet


Fleas in your carpet is a serious issue when it comes to flea infestations. Fleas don’t normally hide around wood or tile floors. They prefer wet, moist, dark, and secure areas such as carpeting, clothes or pet fur. Its important to treat your infestation as soon as you can. This article will cover the basics […]

Diatomaceous Earth For Fleas


We’ve all probably heard of  before, but you may not know exactly what it is, what it can be used for, and how to use it. In this article I’m going to answer all of your Diatomaceous earth questions! What is Diatomaceous Earth? Diatomaceous Earth is a fine white powder made from the fossilized remains […]

The best flea treatment for dogs

Dogs are mans best friend and a part of our families. It’s terrible to see our dogs itching from flea bites. There are various different ways to treat fleas on cats and dogs. This article will cover some of the basic ways to go about treating the fleas causing your dog so much pain. Flea […]

Killing Fleas With Vinegar


Flea killers often contain toxic chemicals that can harm you, your family, and your pets. This tends to deter people from using commercial flea killers. Flea killers can cost a large some of money as well and many people (myself included) don’t want to spend that kind of money. This leads to the question are […]